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1. UNIFORMS - the student's uniform will be available in market.

- all students must come to school in their school uniforms form Monday to Friday.

- On Saturday, students are to come to school in their sports dress.
- Students must wear their house T- shirts (colour) when participating in any inter-house sports - activity. Students are not permitted to play any game in their school uniform.
- During winter, only the school green pullover is to be worn on.
- The responsibility for neatness and appearance of the students is of the individual students and parents.

- On entering the campus, it is assumed that the students will attend all classes as per the timetable.
- Arriving to the class on time is the student's responsibility. - If for any reason the student arrives late to class, he/she must obtain a note from the teacher who can account for the student's tardiness.
- Penalty for latecomers follow three levelsOral warning, physical drilling, meeting the principal. If the student is coming late even after meeting the Principal, he/she will be sent back home escorted by a school staff.
- Leave letters are a must if the student is absent from school.
- If the child is absent on a day, the next day he/she must come with an application & will get it signed by the class teacher. The same must also be entered in the diary.
- In case the student will be on leave for more than two days, prior approval for leave must be taken. A letter in this regard is to be submitted to the Principal through the class teacher .
- In the case of illness, it is necessary to submit a Doctor's certificate starting the current state of health of the child.
- In case the student is on leave and misses any of the Tests/ Assessments, no retest will be conducted.
- 80% attendance is minimum required at the end of each academic year for the child, to acquire eligibility for appearing in the Annual Examination. Parents are requested to discourage students from absenting

- the school has 4 houses, each headed by one captain and one vice captain. Each house has a House master/house mistress in charge of it.
- All students' class 1 onwards will be allotted any one of the four houses at the time of admission and the same colour house T-shirts will be allotted to him/her, inter-house competitions will be conducted between these houses.
- The elected school captain, include head boy, head girl, sports captain and the cultural
- All students must co-operate with the school leaders in maintaining discipline in the school.

- The student are strictly prohibited from bringing the following items to school – Money, and eatables like non vegetarian food, chips chocolates, etc. mouth fresheners like sweet supari, chewing gum etc. cold drinks. Electronic goods like laptops, cell phones, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, pen drives digital & video cameras software/game cds, greeting cards, slam book, etc. these items will be confiscated if brought to - Girls must come to school with their hair combed into two plaits/pony tails, boys should have short hair neatly combed and should be shaved. Applying hair gel and making spikes, etc. and having colored their hair is strictly prohibited.
- Being an English medium school, it is mandatory for students to use English in their day-today communication with teachers and friends in the school premises and even in the school buses.
- Students should not bring any expensive ornaments/items like gold chains, bracelets, etc. to school. If lost, the school will not be responsible for it. - Student should not be found loitering around class during class time or bunking class. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against offenders. - No students should be found getting involved in loose talk, using abusive/offensive language, and picking up arguments or fights with others.
- Any student involved in any serious act of indiscipline will be referred to the school discipline committee which is formed at the beginning of the academic year. The decision of the committee is binding on the students and parents are requested to kindly support the school in the same.

Every Students must be present at his/her pick-up stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives. Please do not ask the bus driver of conductor to wait, Anyone requalarly late or delaying the bus will be warded first, following which he/she will be left the next time onwards, for which the school will not be responsible.

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