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Academic Curriculum

Unique Science Park -

AVM Science Park consists of cluster of open air Science gadgets installed permanently is an innovative concept of teaching Science .The basic concept of Science Park is enhancing the tendency of the children to play more than to read and learn better.

Activity based Learning

Do and learn is emphasized through 10 on 10 worksheets and various educational toys and tools

Science and Maths Lab

Very creative and scientifically made tools are a useful source of activity based learning.

Educational Trips

Educational trip to various places of importance help our students to understand and appreciate the importance and relevance of what they are learning

Well Equipped Library

AVM library is a good source of information for teachers and students. It consists of lots of books, CDs and educational toys which can help them to enhance reading skills ,mental ability, IQ and reasoning power. Educomp Smart Classes and Extraminds and Interactive CDs All the classrooms are equipped with Educomp smart classes for making learning easier. Interactive CDs help the students to enhance their level of learning.

Facilities that enhances academic curriculum are:
Special Coaching classes from class 9 onwards
Students are being prepared for various Engineering and Medical exams from class 9 onwards through special classes in order to enhance their competitive skills.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela

We understand the tremendous impact that teacher’s have on a child’s growth, development and personality. To provide our students with an environment in which they can learn uninhibitedly, our teaching community comprises of an eclectic team of educators with extensive practical experience. All faculty members are equipped with professional teaching qualifications and have a deep understanding of their subjects and curricula offered. The faculty at AVM receives regular in-house training to enhance their skills. They also periodically attends training sessions arranged by CBSE & other reputed institutions to embrace new methodologies of teaching and use them to enhance the overall teachinglearning experience.

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